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Network Data Services

GIS data as a basis for efficient service processes and successful asset management Over 450 man-years of experience – hardly any other company can rely on a wider experience of its staff in the conversion and processing of geospatial and asset data.

Our service processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. In each project, we adjust our procedures to the requirements (representation, attribution) of the customer. With professional data capture and testing tools and the experience of our staff, we quickly recognize and clarify contradictions in the network map.

Even complex projects are completed reliably within the given time frame and budget.

Thus we are able to meet the expectations of our customers. With an average of 88 %, Mettenmeier has achieved a peak value in customer satisfaction in the area of data services. Long-term customer relationships and a high degree of confidence confirm our pursuit of the best possible results.

Data acquisition and update

  • Documentation of network and asset data in all major GIS and in all supply levels (overview map, detail map and internals of electricity, gas, water and wastewater networks)
  • Integration of base map and cadastral map
  • Tools and procedures to increase productivity and quality improvement
  • Project management and execution with overseas service providers
  • Data update and spatial data management (on site)

Data processing

  • Merging multiple networks divisions or map levels to a homogeneous data set
  • Continuous quality control and correction of inconsistencies
  • Addition of attribute or condition data
  • Data processing for network analysis
  • Data migration
  • Network adjustment
  • ETRS89/UTM transformation


  • Technical tender consulting and specifications design
  • Modeling of data models
  • Technology consulting
  • Process analysis
  • Know-how transfer through practical workshops and coaching staff
  • Utilization of GIS data for asset management and network service
  • Web solutions and mobile applications for map information

Outsourcing and ASP

  • Adoption of individual sub-tasks or functional areas of network documentation
  • Operation of the GIS environment
  • Provision of data as OGC-compliant services for integration
  • Uniform data delivery over multiple GIS
  • Providing information solutions for internal and external data users
  • Bundling of internal and external data suppliers through web portals