MGC - Mettenmeier Geodata Client

MGC – smart GIS apps for network information and more

MGC – smart GIS apps for map and asset information

MGC for utility network operators means: Just turn it on and get started – with a modern and comfortable standard.

MGC makes it extremely easy to navigate the utility network. It allows you to visualise and edit your asset data and your maps online and offline. Available as a web-based solution and a touch variant, MGC is deployed both at the office workplace as well as on modern mobile tablets.

Everything at a glance: The dashboard of MGC map information. MGC for the office workplane and for mobile use. MGC map information app for tablets. The GIS data is presented online and offline. Simple MGC tools allow the determination of the requested area. Here: a line plot. Order creation with MGC task. Here: maintenance of sewer networks For mobile order processing the field service loads a schedule list onto his tablet or smartphone.

Applications to the point

MGC was developed to provide data from the Smallworld GIS and other geodata sources in web applications on the basis of established technology standards. Available as a web solution and as a touch-variant, MGC is deployed both at the office workplace as well as on modern mobile tablets. The set of functions is optimized to the context of the operator and the applications can throughout be used offline.

MGC Warehouse – open for your system infrastructure

The intelligence of the solution lies in its core: The MGC Warehouse processes data from various sources, it is open for the common GIS and ERP systems and it supports enterprise-wide information portals. In the MGC warehouse, the data is aggregated, consolidated and processed with modern web technologies to provide provided easy-to-use apps for the specific purposes of network operators.

MGC Task – scheduling and order processing for maintenance work

With a particular focus on supporting the business processes of network operators, the integrated workflow engine is another fundamental part of the solution. On this basis the maintenance tasks of network service units are supported. Thus, with the module "MGC Task" work orders can be planned and processed calendar-based or map-based.