Mettenmeier in Paderborn

Data – Processes – Strategies
High performance for distribution networks

Company Overview

Mettenmeier is a software consultant, service and solution provider, with corporate headquarters in Paderborn, Germany, supporting clients in the gas, water and electric industries. We are dedicated to enabling the owners and operators of utility assets to plan and manage their networks more successfully.

As one of Europe’s leading GIS specialists our ability is to rapidly implement and deploy successful enterprise-wide business applications. We are actively pursuing the integration of Smallworld GIS with other systems such as ERP (e. g. SAP), or network analysis programmes to facilitate seamless business processes.

The Smallworld Network Resource Managers (NRM), developed by GE Energy and Mettenmeier, provide Smallworld GIS with standard applications that have proven to be of high practical use and performance with more than 300 commercial clients in the utility and public sector.


  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Customised Application Design
  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Data Migration
  • Data Conversion
  • System Integration
  • Hardware Implementation
  • Training