network analysis

Network Analysis based on GIS data

PSS/SINCAL Interface for Smallworld GIS

SIEMENS AG and Mettenmeier GmbH have agreed to make available a SIEMENS-certified interface between the Smallworld standard Network Resource Managers and PSS/SINCAL. Through the technical participation of SIEMENS, the interface is optimised both for PSS/SINCAL as well as for the Smallworld data models for electricity, gas, water and district heating.

The SINCAL interface consists of the Preprocessing Engine and the SINCAL output module. On basis of the Preprocessing Engine, it is possible to use the data available in Smallworld GIS for the calculation in order to avoid duplicate data management, accelerate calculations and increase efficiency.

The integration is implemented either as an engine solution or as a standalone solution. The pure engine solution is implemented for the frequent case of basic calculation methods, i.e. power flow and short circuit. This can be used to start and operate a large portion of all calculations from the GIS. Data management as well as the presentation of the results, the representation of result values and colouring are performed in the GIS in this case. The user only works in a single system.

The standalone solution is offered for more specialised calculations, which, though they occur less often, usually require more input data. A data export is performed out of the GIS into the SINCAL database. The results are represented and interpreted utilising the full functional scope in SINCAL.