Smallworld NRM – Spatial Solutions for Utility Networks

Smallworld NRM – Spatial Solutions for Utility Networks

Network Resource Managers (NRM)

Standard data and process models for Smallworld GIS Smallworld Network Resource Manager (NRM) provides a sophisticated product suite that is being used by more than 300 utility customers worldwide. It supports a wide range of technical business processes such as data update, engineering design, network operation and Asset Management at all enterprise levels.

GE Energy and Mettenmeier have successfully introduced the NRM product suite to the international market as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications, giving Smallworld users the chance to break the cost-cycle and leading to easy and thus cheap maintenance.

The high market acceptance rate of the Network Resource Managers is also mirrored in the numerous supplementary products that exist today. These include network calculation, operation, analysis, periodic network integrity checking, network control and interfaces e.g. with SAP.

Your Smallworld 5 with a new approach

  • Provision of upgrades incorporated into NRM and available to all customers
  • Rapid productivity due to its standard environment
  • Assured product quality through a large user group world-wide
  • Reduced training time
  • Effective and cost-favourable data capture and update due to optimised functionality
  • Modular and configurable product components instead of a monolithic individual solution
  • Upward compatibility between different software releases
  • Open system architecture

Standard versus individual solution

The standardised practice-oriented Smallworld NRM data models have become established in the solution of spatial issues of utility network operators. The main reason for this trend is the savings potential in terms of implementation and maintenance costs. In contrast to customer-specific individual solutions, the development costs are distributed over a large number of customers. In conjunction with the reliability of Smallworld introductory concepts, this means that utility companies quickly achieve a high level of productivity which in turn leads to significant competitive advantages.